The Floral Bar

The Floral Bar is an extension of Ever Something that we are so proud of and can't wait to see what adventures it takes us on! The concept behind the name is that we want both men and women clients to feel comfortable coming into a beautiful space to get flowers and gifts for their loved ones. Flowers evoke so many emotions and memories and the simple act of getting fresh flowers can change the trajectory of your day or week!

When you walk in you can take a seat at our floral bar and watch us create the perfect bouquet or arrangement for you or a loved one! You will choose from the flowers that we have for the day and you can also select the vessel for your arrangement. The ability to have input in the creation that you will give to your spouse, friend, or family member will make it all the more special!

In addition to a retail space it is also our new work space! The Floral Bar is where we will do consultations for our floral and wedding planning clients. It is a space that we can brainstorm, dream, and do run throughs for upcoming weddings and events. We love our new space and know that it will bring a renewed sense of creativity and inspiration to our work as well as a dreamy space for clients to come in and take a break from the business of life and just enjoy the flowers!

Where are we located? The shop is in the heart of wonderful Kendall Whittier and we love being surrounded by other creatives! Our shop address is 2306 E. Admiral Blvd.

Times we are open: Our current hours of business are Wednesday - Saturday from 11 am - 5 pm and by appointment.

Items we sell: Lovely florals, potted plants, local, hand-poured candles, decorative candlesticks, and unique linens.

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